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I’m Corina.

I’m the UN-Wedding Planner.

A multi-passionate, creative rebel, dedicated to helping you have a wedding experience inspired by what really matters.


Let’s Get Real:

Wedding Planning is Sometimes a Royal Pain in the @ss

Did you think I was going to tell you that if you hire me as your wedding planner, I’ll be your fairy godmother and wave a magic wand to make all your dreams come true? Sorry, but guess again.

 The truth is that planning a wedding is hard and sometimes, it totally sucks. It involves a f*ck tonne of money, thrusts your relationships into the spotlight (any drama included!), and takes a lot of time and effort to see to all those details. Add in all those emotions, traditions, expectations and opinions, and is it any wonder why wedding planning is not all it’s cracked up to be?

The first time I planned a wedding was way back in 2011 when I designed my own Victorian Christmas wedding. We had it on a Saturday afternoon, got married in a white church, didn’t see each other before the ceremony, had over 150 guests, and rocked an 1880’s Studabaker Carriage down Main Street, feeling like Lord and Lady of the Manor. (TBH for a second though, that was the most fun part of the entire day!)

It was big, it was traditional, and it was exactly what my family wanted.

But here’s the crazy truth of it all…. my hubby actually wanted a small wedding and in the stress of planning, talked about eloping on a regular basis.

See, like so many others, I had bowed to the pressure placed on me by my family. I was also guilty of thinking that in order to be doing it right, I had to follow all the traditions. 

So why am I telling


Corina Waldie


Owner & Lead Un-Wedding Planner

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About Me

Hi there!  I’m Corina, Founder of YPF Weddings & Co. and the visionary behind the Un-Wedding Movement. It’s so nice to meet you and I’m thrilled that you’re here.

Just in case you can’t tell, I’m definitely NOT your average wedding planner. I’m a fearless, bold, colour-loving, multi-passionate creative b*tch meets that friend that’s got your back and is not afraid to tell you the truth. Wedding planning is my superpower, and I love the impact that I get to make in the lives of my couples. 

I have a passion for planning weddings that are fun, uniquely personal, and at least a little unorthodox. I empower my couples to shrink their guest lists, invest in the things that matter to them, break the rules of traditions and trends, and help them to intentionally create an authentic experience that celebrates their love and shares their story. 

I currently live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with my husband, Jonathan (better known as Dear). When I’m not planning weddings, I love to cook and bake, play video games, crochet, and do yoga. I’m also a major history nerd and volunteer at Fort Edmonton Park and participate in local Regency Balls. I’ve got a permanent travel bug, and my passport and suitcase are always on standby, ready to find an adventure at a moments notice. 

Since you’ve come this far,  let me make a few guesses about who you might be:


  1. You’re planning a wedding (or at least thinking about planning one)
  2. You’re madly in love with your partner and can’t wait to get married
  3. You want your wedding day to be as unique as you are
  4. You know a big, traditional wedding isn’t for you, yet you still want to celebrate in style
  5. You are looking for a professional to help you sort through the chaos, because you’d rather deal with a velociraptor infestation than DIY your way through this planning thing

If any or all of this sounds like you,  you’re in the right place!





















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